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We're Working On Content Update #2!

We're adding 2 new fighters to fly, third-person view, and several other features in a couple of months! Stay tuned!

Welcome to the NIA Space Navy

If you're looking for an exciting career in space, then the Novan Interplanetary Alliance Space Navy may be right for you. Protect Distant Sector Outposts, provide fighter-class combat support, and defend our interplanetary interests as a Nova Squadron fighter pilot.

NIA Military Training Base
NIA Military Training Base. Photo credit: Ens. Russell Guerrero
A Nova SF-250 above Hillson
A Nova SF-250 above Hillson. Photo credit: Ens. Russell Guerrero

What Can I Expect?

New recruits can expect a challenging and rewarding experience in the Navy:

  • Play a 2-hour, single-player campaign against two different enemy factions
  • Defend against gates, fighters, turrets, artillery, and cruisers
  • Choose strategic targets on the battlefield to maximize your odds of success
  • Build your own battles: small skirmishes or massive multi-fleet assaults
  • Play your custom battles single-player or over LAN with friends
  • Upgrade your fighter using credits earned after every battle
  • Sync your progress with cross-platform Steam Cloud saves
  • Compare your global leaderboard scores with players around the world

How Do I Enlist?

Visit the Steam Store page (available for Windows and Linux).

Be sure to check our Twitter page for important updates!

For more information about enlisting, please check our recruitment page.