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What Kind of Game is Hypergate?

Hypergate is a 3D arcade-style space combat game. It focuses on fast-paced combat, not gathering resources, Newtonian flight, or managing complex loadouts. It features a 2-hour single-player campaign, and an Instant Action mode that can be played single-player or over LAN. Customer Reviews have compared the combat style to Freespace 2 or Star Wars: X-Wing.

NIA Military Training Base
NIA Military Training Base. Photo credit: Ens. Russell Guerrero
A Nova SF-250 above Hillson
A Nova SF-250 above Hillson. Photo credit: Ens. Russell Guerrero

What Can I Expect?

  • A 2-hour single-player campaign against two different enemy factions
  • A brief tutorial, and introductions to game play over the first few missions
  • Large battles containing gates, fighters, turrets, artillery, and cruisers
  • Instant Action: build small skirmishes or massive multi-fleet assaults
  • 3 different fighters to fly, either in 1st-person or 3rd-person mode
  • 30 upgrades for your fighter, to buy using in-game credits
  • Steam Cloud saves to sync your progress and upgrades
  • 30 Steam Achievements and a Steam Leaderboard
  • Full controller, keyboard, and mouse support
  • Regular updates based on player feedback and requests

What Can I Not Expect?

  • Realistic space flight mechanics or complex controls
  • Resource collection, mining, or grinding
  • Dual HOTAS support (yet---this may change based on feedback)
  • Deep story elements

What's it Like to Play?

Here's three and a half minutes of gameplay, beginning from game start-up and then jumping right into a selected mission.

Where Can I Get It?

Both Windows and Linux are fully supported.

I post GIFs of upcoming features on my Twitter page every few days.

Want to chat with the developer, or other Hypergate players? Join the Discord server.

For more information about your future in the Novan Interplanetary Alliance Navy, please check the recruitment page.